Kilt Care Instructions

Here are the Care Instructions for Eurokilt exclusively written for the assistance of our customers. Must understand the instructions thoroughly.

1- Washing Care

The kilt material is different as other material used in pants and shirts. So, try to wash the kilt alone. Don’t add any cloth with kilt in a washer. There are many modern kilts like utility kilts, hybrid kilts etc. These Kilts usually have buckles, antique buttons, and belts which may be tangled in your washer, so these kilts must be washed with hands.

2- Dryer

Never used dryer for drying your clothes, you must dry manually where there is normal sunlight.

3- Don’t Wash too Long

Well, there are many people who wash for 2-3 hours for other clothes, but this is different cloth, so don’t wash too long.

4- Cleansing Agent

Always use the best quality cleansing agent for kilts and jackets. Cheap and low standard cleansing agent will damage your cloth.