Welcome Users!

This is our privacy policy page for our customers. This is important for you to understand why your data is important for us and how safe is your information. We need three types of data which we collect from our clients which are personal date, usage data and cookie data.

What We need In Personal Data?

In personal data, we may need the email address of the visitors, phone numbers, first name, last name, and address of the visitors. These are vital for us to provide every information to our visitors.

Why Usage Data Is Necessary?

Usage data are very important for us because in this way we can know your browser and the version of the browser. By gathering this data, we give you access to our services.

Is Cookies Data Important?

Cookies data are essential for customers because if you accept the cookies and tracking data then you can able to access our website without any error. It is up to the customers to accept or reject cookies. In order to display our service, you must accept cookies. We collect cookie data in the following ways

  • Session Cookies
  • Security Cookies
  • Preference Cookies

Purpose Of Maintaining Data

  • Maintaining the Service
  • Update our customers to our Service
  • For customer’ support
  • Protect company’s right
  • Protect the safety of users
  • Prevention of wrongdoing
  • Provide useful information to the clients
  • Analyze technical issues

If you have any questions, please contact us: info@eurokilt.com