How Many Tilted Kilt Locations Are There

How Many Tilted Kilt Locations Are There

What Is Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery

The Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery is a renowned chain restaurant in the United States and Canada. It is a pub restaurant which has a Scottish and Irish theme. This restaurant is not as ordinary as other restaurants in the USA and Canada. The uniform of their staff is unique which you have never seen in other pub restaurants. This kilt pub and eatery has more than 80 branches before 2021 but now, unfortunately, it has only eight branches which are running in the two developed countries i.e USA and Canada. The main reason for this huge loss is the financial crisis. Lack of management and untrained staff leads to closure of more than 50% branches.

As it has a Scottish and Irish theme, the environment and the uniform also belong to the Scottish Kilt culture. If you are non-Scottish and want to know this interesting Scottish culture in the USA then must go there. Their staff are friendly and always available to look after their customers. Food especially beverages and burgers are still in huge demand. Although this chain base pub restaurant has only eight branches, still people from around the world visit the different branches of this restaurant.

How Many Tilted Kilt Locations Are There

Duty Uniform

The uniform of their staff is very interesting, you may never witness such duty uniform before. This tilted pub and eatery have three owners who wear Scottish attire every time Their staff especially females wears a hot Scottish outfit which attracts many customers.

Their outfit comprises red tartan skirts, black leather Sporran, same red tartan bras, white hose, flashes, and white shirt in the bra style. Females here never feel shy about wearing such sexy outfits. They wear this outfit in such a way that some part of the breast remains visible. The women’s outfits here make this restaurant extremely popular that is why their maximum staffs are females.

This restaurant welcomes every Scottish people because there are only some Scottish-based restaurants in the United States. So, if you are in any of the states of the USA then must visit their restaurants by wearing your traditional Scottish attire. You may feel like you are in Scotland or Ireland.

Some Information About Tilted Kilt

The tilted kilt is a popular restaurant having too many branches in the United States. Before, 2018 there were 44 running tilted kilt branches running in USA and Canada. The tilted kilt restaurant was earning 80% of its income from these 44 branches. Only three branches were in Canada while the rest of the branches worked in the USA. There are three owners or founders of the kilt pub and eatery named Mark DiMartino, John Reynaud, and Shannon Reilly who currently running the 8 branches of this restaurant. This restaurant has more than 2500 employees which have more females than males.

Tilted kilt Food

This is the Scottish Irish-based restaurant which has both contemporary and traditional food which is liked by their customers. Their burgers and beverages are high in demand. The other best-selling food of this pub and eatery include shepherd’s pie, fish, and chips. Every branch has a minimum of 24 beers, you can choose any beer according to your taste.

Guinness and Samuel Adams are the best-selling beers of this pub and eatery. Apart from their food, this restaurant provides other activities to their customers such as pool, Golden Tee, and darts. Here, you can not only enjoy food but also play different sports.

How Many Tilted Kilt Locations Are There

How Many Tilted Kilt Locations Are There

We all wanted to know How Many Tilted Kilt Locations Are There, the answer is 8. You will all wonder why only eight. The main reason is the financial crises and debts. Due to lack of management, untrained staff, and maintenance of the restaurant, more than 80% of branches are shut down. The managers and directors of different tilted kilt branches never take importance in the growth of that tilted kilt franchise. Their manager and directors close their franchises without any notice to the customers. The door was locked and their phone calls were unanswered. They only post on Facebook about the closure of the particular branch. Many customers were not happy with the sudden closure.

Before 2016, every franchise generates a lot of revenue. With the passage of time, there was a huge decline in that tilted kilt business, and now only 8 branches currently running in the USA. Now only 8 branches of tilted kilt pub and eatery working in the United States. The three owners running these branches and over 2500 employees.

Closed Branches Of Tilted Kilt

However, more than 80% of branches of the tilted kilt are closed to date. These branches generate huge revenue but unfortunately shut down due to debts. The states where these branches have

  • Moreno Valley
  • Oshkosh
  • Chino
  • Atlanta
  • South Florida
  • South Portland

Now only 8 branches are in operation which is in the United States but later in the upcoming months, the three owners of that restaurant will open more branches in the USA and Canada.

Final Words

By reading the whole article, you will be able to understand How Many Tilted Kilts for sale Locations Are There. However, there are few branches left working in the United States. By efficient management, and the inclusion of trained staff, there will be a boost to this restaurant.