How To Make A Kilt Skirt

How To Make A Kilt Skirt

The kilt skirt is the skirt for women and men but mostly women wear this type of skirt. This is not an ordinary skirt which you may wear at various events and places. This skirt is made from tartan or plaid and is a longer size than men’s kilts. Furthermore, this plaid or tartan skirt is lightweight, so women can wear it easily during the summer season.  As you know, the kilts have more pleats and are specially designed for the male but the kilt skirt as we told you, is mostly for the women, so it has lesser pleats. The design and shape of the kilt skirt are similar to the ordinary skirt but the kilt skirt is more comfortable than that day-to-day skirt.

A kilt skirt is a wrapping garment like a kilt but it is normally longer in size and designed for women. Any woman can wear the tartan or plaid skirt and fasten it by using a few straps and buckles.

What Is A Kilt Skirt?

The kilt skirt is the advanced form of the kilt and a skirt. It has some qualities of a man’s kilt while some have a women’s skirt. This skirt is the wrapping garment that has a front plain side while the backside has fewer pleats. As you know that the men’s kilts have pockets, studs, and many utility things but the kilt skirt is simple like casual skirts. This kilt skirt has a few straps and buckles for adjustable body fitting. Moreover, this kilt skirt is the lightweight than other skirts and is made with plaid and tartan. The kilt is mostly worn by Scottish people but the kilt has a wide wearing range. This kilt skirt is very common in almost every country because it resembles the causal skirt look. You can add sunglasses, jackets, and other accessories in order to enhance your personality.

How To Make A Kilt Skirt

How To Wear A Kilt Skirt

The kilt skirt is a tartan or plaid wrapping garment like a skirt that has a plain or unpleated side on the front side while the pleated side must be at the backside of the body. It is made in a tartan or plaid and has a wider use than that of cotton or other fabric skirts. Many non-Scottish females wear kilt skirts in their daily routine life.

How To Make A Kilt Skirt

This article is for those makers who wanted to know How To Make A Kilt Skirt? By reading this article, you can become a master of the kilt skirt and can able to make customized kilt skirts without any problem.


The skirts can be made with plaid or tartan, it depends on your choice. If you are making a plaid skirt then choose any plaid which you like otherwise go with tartan. There are many beautiful tartans available for our skirt. If you have a clan then go for a clan kilt otherwise you can choose any tartan for your skirt. The women’s kilt skirt is always lightweight, so we suggest using lesser weight tartan fabric i.e, 8oz, 10oz, or 13 oz.


The kilt skirt is the mixture of a skirt and a kilt, but you should measure yourself first before making your kilt skirt. You need a pen, notebook, and measuring tape for accurate measuring for the kilt skirt. There are three important measurements for a kilt skirt.

Waist Size Measurement

This is simply the waist size for a kilt skirt but the kilt skirt’s waist measurement is 2-4 more than the trousers and casual skirt measurements. You must stand erect and your partner should wrap the measuring tape on your waist.

Hip Measurement

This measurement is only important if your buttocks are wider otherwise this measurement is optional for you.

Length Measurement

The traditional kilt length is from the waist to the knee but this is the long kilt skirt. You must choose the length up to the ankle. The kilt skirt is also a customizable skirt, so you can choose your own length where you feel comfortable.

How To Make A Kilt Skirt

Material For Pleats

The kilt skirt has lesser pleats and the measurement of fabric for pleats is easily calculated. If your tartan pattern has 8 inches in width then add 1 inch for each pleat. For example, if your total pleats are 10 then 10*9=90 inch fabric would be required for the pleat.

Hem The Material

Heming is very important, you must hem the edges of the pleat with the best hemming machine. The thread should be matching and the same for hemming every part of the kilt skirt.

Ironing The pleats

Every women’s kilt skirt should be Ironed but make sure the Iron should not be too hot or too cold.

Adding A Waist Band

The waistband is also important for the kilt skirt and for an accurate waistband, total waist + an inch = waistband. This is a simple calculation but the waistband and other parts of the kilt skirt must be stitched according to the quality standard.

Adding Straps And Buckles

In a kilt skirt, there are a few thinner leather straps used for fastening. You can add two or three depending on your adjustability but the straps must be made from real leather fabric.


The kilt skirt is the advanced form of a skirt that is designed for females and this skirt is widely used. If you are non-Scottish then don’t need to worry, you can wear any tartan or plaid skirt with your casual outfit. This interesting article is about How To Make A Kilt Skirt, don’t forget to share it with your friends.