How To Sit In A Kilt

How To Sit In A Kilt

Well, there are two types of Scottish kilt wearer presents today. One: who wears the kilt with underwear (mostly young generation) second: who wears the kilts without underwear. Modern people like to wear not only traditional style kilts but also modern utility kilts with underwear or shorts. They think their body might be exposed if they wear kilts in a commando form. Commando form is the way of wearing the clan kilts without underwear or shorts. However, the naked way of wearing a kilt is beneficial for health but your body is in danger of being exposed in front of other people. The traditional kilt wearer always wears the kilt without anything and it is the true way of wearing the traditional Scottish kilts.

How To Sit In A Kilt? It is important for those kilt wearers who wear the kilt without anything. Mostly traditional kilt wearers follow this style of kilt wearing. Without proper knowledge of sitting in a kilt on a chair, your body may exposed. Our guide is helpful in this matter.

Sit In A Kilt

There are some precautions that should adopt by the traditional kilt wearer before sitting with a kilt on a chair. It is not easy to sit on a chair while wearing such apparel which has no underwear. It is always a question asked by many non-Scottish, how to sit with the kilt?. The Scottish kilt has pleats and it is an open dress, so there is always uncertainty that the body may be visible.

How To Sit In A Kilt

There must be a deep understanding of how to sit in a kilt without exposing the body. Our helping guide not only sorts out this matter but also your pleats will not damage while sitting. We take chairs as an example of where you sit but you can also apply our guide to the sofa and car seats.

Major Issues While Sitting

You can easily sit on the sofa, car seat, and chair with your jeans and pants because these are the full dress bottom wears but this is not applied with a kilt. The kilt is the open apparel and there are some issues might everyone face while sitting on a chair. In this paragraph, we are going to discuss the two major problems which may face everyone.

  • Pleats damaging
  • Exposing body

Pleats damaging:

The kilts are not the kilt unless it has pleats, so it is the necessary part of the kilt. You may easily sit on the chair with your jeans but it does not happen with the kilt. You must take care of your pleats while sitting otherwise your pleats will damage and wrinkles appear. The pleats damaging is very common among the Scottish people but there is a deep knowledge required. We will tell you in detail how to sit properly on a chair without damaging the pleats in the later paragraphs.

Exposing body:

Exposing the body is the major concern for the traditional kilt wearer. Many people don’t know how to prevent the body from being exposed in front of people. You must sit properly on a chair so that your lower body should be covered with the tartan kilt.

How To Sit In A Kilt

This important guide is designed for the learners as well as the traditional Scottish people who want to sit easily on a kilt without damaging the pleats or exposing the body. This is a very easy guide but you must note down the important steps in your notebook.

  • Approach your seat
  • Smooth your pleats
  • Sit down on a kilt
  • Position your legs
  • Use A Sporran
  • Use A Kilt Pin
  • Beware Of Surroundings

Approach your seat

You should go to that place where you want to sit, it may be a sofa or a chair.  Now turn back in such a way that the backside of your legs must touch the chair and the seat of the chair must be beneath your back.

How To Sit In A Kilt

Smooth your pleats

Smoothing and covering the pleats are very important. You must use both hands and the pleats should be flat. Make sure wrinkles should not appear while sitting.

Sit down on a kilt

You should sit on a chair in such a way that the pleats of the kilt should touch your back. In other words, you should sit on the chair indirectly not directly.

Position your legs

Cross leg positions are comfortable for women but uncomfortable for men. You must spread the legs while sitting, it is the best way to sit on the sofa or a chair.

Use A Sporran

A sporran is helpful while spreading the legs because the weight of the Sporran at the center of the apron, prevents your lower body part from being visible.

Use A Kilt Pin

With horse Sporran or any other Sporran, you can use a kilt pin. It also puts weight on the front apron.

Beware Of Surroundings

Be aware that your lower body should not be visible at all

Final Words

This is an easy guide for everyone especially traditional kilt wearers who never wear underwear with a kilt. If you love this kilt sitting article, then share it on social media.