How To Wear A Kilt Like A True Scotsman

How To Wear A Kilt Like A True Scotsman

The true Scotsman always follows the rules and regulations of the Scottish culture. Many people wear the kilts with shorts or underwear but he wears the kilt in the commando form (the traditional way to wearing the kilt without underwear). For becoming a true Scotsman you must adapt to the Scottish culture thoroughly and must understand the terminology and parts of the Scottish attire. However, many people think that the kilt is the only cultural dress of Scotland and Ireland but the fact is that there are other things that are equally important as Scottish kilts.

How To Wear A Kilt Like A True Scotsman? The true Scotsman wear the clan tartan kilt, clan flashes, fly plaid and other necessary things in the Scottish events. The Scotsman outfit tells about the Scottish culture which differentiate from other cultures.

How To Wear A Kilt Like A True Scotsman

Many non-Scottish people know how to wear a kilt but they don’t know How To Wear A Kilt Like A True Scotsman? There is a big difference between the two questions. However, the kilt can be worn with a shirt, coat, and other tops but a Scotsman always wears the kilt along with the other kilt accessories. That person always fulfills the Scottish rules and standard and wear the complete Scottish outfit at every event. You must understand the Scottish accessories for becoming a true Scotsman.

How To Wear A Kilt Like A True Scotsman

  • Scottish kilt
  • Kilt Jacket
  • Shirt
  • Belt & Buckle
  • Sporran
  • Hose
  • Flashes
  • Fly Plaid
  • Shoes

Scottish Kilt

The kilt can be Scottish or Irish but the status of this apparel never be changed. This apparel is the soft cotton or tartan fabric that you can wear from the waist to the ankle. Today’s kilt is the advanced form of the historical kilt (great kilt). This apparel is now a days, treated as one of the comfortable apparel among other bottom wears.

Kilt Jacket

This jacket is different in design and purpose than regular wear jackets. You may wear cotton, wool. leather and other fabric jackets in your daily routine life but the kilt jacket is the unique one. This hand-made jacket is made with real wool but has more studs and buttons than regular jackets. There are too many designs of kilt jackets available which are only wearable on Scottish occasions.


If you are in Scotland then you can wear both shirts with your kilt jackets i.e, dress shirt or Scottish shirt. You can also wear a Scottish shirt along without other accessories. Many people wear the Ghillie shirt with kilt, jeans, trews, and other trousers, so this shirt is wearable with any bottom wear.

Belt & Buckle

The Scottish belt and buckle are the complementary accessory of the Scottish outfit and you must wear them with your traditional tartan kilt. Scottish and Irish leather belts are bigger in size and longer than normal belts. Our company makes high-quality buckles and belts according to the Scottish standard, so buy one according to your Scottish attire.

How To Wear A Kilt Like A True Scotsman


The Scottish Sporran is an extra pocket that is placed at the front side of the plain tartan kilt. Nowadays the Sporrans are made with metals and animal skins such as fur, hair, and leather. The Sporrans are attractive as kilts and also treated as the fashion in this era.


The hoses are black and white like normal socks but are longer in size and only designed for Scottish shoes. It is the necessary part of the Scottish outfit and you can wear the hose every season.


The flashes are made with tartan fabric and are smaller in size. The half flashes are visible while the other half is placed beneath the hose. It is the symbol of pride and flashes are the necessary part of Scottish attire.

Tie & Bows

If you want to wear a Scottish wedding dress then a tie or bow is necessary for you. You can wear any color tie or bow but nowadays many Scotsman wears matching tartan fabric tie or bow with the kilt.


The Scottish shoes are not common shoes, these are special purpose shoes that are designed for Scottish weddings and other Scottish events. These shoes are known as brogues and are available in black and brown color. Our company sells all types of brogues to the customer at affordable prices, so spice your Scottish attire with our shoes.


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