Scottish Kilt Size 5 Yards vs. Kilt 8 Yards

Scottish Kilt Size

Scottish Kilt Size

When you are shopping for highland clothing for the first time, it can be confusing to present with so many kilt sizes. Not only do you need to check the size of the kilt size chart to compare your body measurements, but you are also offered the option to choose between a 5-yard kilt or an 8-yard kilt.

In this article, we discuss the differences between each type of kilt. From weight to crease, we’ll show you the different factors to consider when buying a kit for the first time.

5 yards vs. 8 yards’ kilt

From the front, the both kilts look very similar to each other. However, there are subtle differences between the 5-yard kilt and the 8-yard kilt that need to be aware of.

Apparently, the 8-yard kilt uses more cloth. Because the 8-yard kilt uses a lot of material, there are a lot of creases that give it a more beautiful, fuller shape. Layers will be joined more tightly and will not tend to open as much as you move.

This extra fabric also adds extra weight. The 8-yard kilt is heavier than the 5-yard kilt, which provides a better swing or swing when walking. This extra weight is not good in hot climates, however, if you are planning to dance, an 8-yard kilt can make you feel a little too hot. A 5-yard kilt is the best option if you need to stay cool during the event, as these kilts are up to 40% lighter on average.

Price is another variable. 5-yard kilts are usually the cheapest option because they use less material. If you are planning to wear only a handful of bars, this may be the option for you. On the other hand, if you think wearing a kilt is something you often do, investing in a premium kilt with more yards will give you a longer life.

If tradition is important to you, we recommend choosing an 8-yard kilt. This type of kilt is most authentic to our Scottish Kilt ancestors, as they used 8 meters of woollen cloth to make their own clothes. Combining the 8-yard kilt with other Highland clothing accessories such as sporran, kilt pin, and sage dub completes this casual look.

Measurements for a kilt

So, you might be asking yourself, “But what size kilt do I need?” The choice between a 5-yard kilt or an 8-yard kilt depends largely on personal preference, depending on the style and weight in which you are most comfortable.

Whatever type of cleft you choose, both the length of the cleft and the waist measurement must be accurately measured for the perfect fit. We have Some Kilts for Sale for you.

The correct length of the kilt indicates that the kilt should be kilt at the knee. For the length of a traditional clit, measure the knees and the navel to the floor. If you want a military style colt, you should measure from the navel to the top of the knee.

You will also need to measure around the waist and seat. For more information on measuring kilts, read our in-depth guide to measuring kilts.

Final thoughts

Both 5-yard and 8-yard kilts are great options for showcasing your Scottish Kilt heritage at formal events such as weddings, ceremonies and graduations. The 5-yard kilt is a lighter, more affordable option, while the 8-yard kilt is a traditional, heavier choice.

If you need help choosing the ideal kilt for your event, contact our friendly team today. We’ll tell you about measurements, kilt choices, and finding the perfect tartan.