What Is A Tartan Skirt

What Is A Tartan Skirt

The tartan skirt is a different skirt from other casual women’s skirts. The best thing about this skirt is that it is designed for both men and women. Most skirts are wearable by women in various places but tartan skirts are also loved by men. These skirts are simply known as kilts in Scottish and Irish terminology. Non-Scottish people in the USA and other countries treated the kilt as a skirt. In the past, this cultural heritage was limited to two countries i.e, Scotland and Ireland. Nowadays, there are no borders of the Scottish culture, many Americans like this heritage dress. There are Hollywood actors and various renowned celebrities from different film industries who like to wear new fashion in different places. They love to try kilts, skirts, and other similar apparel.

What is a tartan skirt? This is the common question, that comes to mind the newbies. The tartan skirt is a skirt made with wool or high-quality tartan fabric. This is the soft fabric in which the front side is plain while the backside has pleats. 

What Is A Tartan Skirt

What Is A Tartan Skirt

You may witness different skirts made of leather, cotton, denim, and other fabric but the tartan fabric skirt is the new one. This skirt is soft and lightweight and best for the summer. Women mostly wear this skirt more than men. There are two or three leather straps and buckles attached to every traditional tartan women’s skirt. The purpose of adding these things is to tie the kilt according to the body’s waist. These skirts are more adjustable than other casual skirts. These women’s traditional tartan skirts are as important as the men’s kilt. The tartan skirts are lightweight and the best garment for every event.

How To Wear Tartan Skirt

The Scottish tartan skirt is apparel like other apparel and it is the wrapped garment. It has two sides, one is plain and another is the pleated side. You can wear the tartan skirt in such a way that the pleated side is at your backside while the plain side is at the front side. Furthermore, these tartan skirts have two or three leather straps and buckles for adjustable fitting. These women’s traditional skirts are soft and never put pressure on the waist and belly button.

The traditional skirts have two belt loops and do not have pockets while modern women’s skirts have pockets and four belt loops. Moreover, modern skirts are designed for fashion lovers and many modern girls love to wear these skirts in various places.

Benefits Of Tartan Skirts

The tartan skirts have a number of benefits that other skirts don’t have. We are here going to discuss the main benefits of women’s traditional tartan skirts.

  • Soft
  • Comfortable
  • Sweating And Itching
  • Best For Summer
  • Adjustable
  • Easy to wear


The women’s traditional tartan skirts are made with soft tartan fabric. On the other hand, the other skirts are made with hard fabric such as cotton and denim and these skirts are not suitable for older women. Many old men also like to wear tartan skirts and kilts than other bottom wears.

What Is A Tartan Skirt


The Scottish tartan skirts are very comfortable, so you can wear these skirts for a long period of time at any place. These skirts never put pressure on the stomach as these are lightweight skirts.

Sweating And Itching

These tartan skirts are not tight-fitting skirts that is why these skirts are free from itching and sweating. You can easily wear these skirts on traveling and long journeys. We can say that these tartan skirts are the best bottom wear present today.

Best For Summer

As you know, finding the perfect dress for summer is a tough task. These tartan skirts are best for summer, you can wear your favorite clan skirts at various places with pride.


These Scottish tartan skirts have two or three straps with chrome buckles for adjustable fitting. You can tight or lose your clan skirt with the help of these straps.

Easy to wear

The traditional tartan skirt is easy-to-wear wrap apparel. These traditional skirts provide more flexibility, so you will never face any problems while wearing kilts.

Final Words

This is the general article that solves your question about What Is A Tartan Skirt? Now you can easily understand why Scottish and Irish people prefer skirts or kilts over other bottom wears. Therefore, these days, skirts or kilts are as popular as other bottom wears. Our company sells a wide range of men’s and women’s kilts in various designs. Buy your favorite tartan skirts from us at affordable prices.