How To Make Kilts For Men

How To Make Kilts For Men

How To Make Kilts For Men

Well, kilt-making is not rocket science, it is not as difficult as many non-Scottish people think. This is easy but needs a lot of practice because this apparel is not the same as many casual bottoms which you wear regularly at home, shopping malls, and other places. This is interesting apparel that has pleats, straps, and buckles as well as other utility things.

In this article, we will not only explain to you How To Make Kilts For Men but also provide useful information about Scottish kilts for Sale. By following our step-by-step easy kilt-making guide, you can able to make any type of kilt.

What Is A Kilt?

The Scottish kilt is the only flexible apparel that is popular all over the world. It is the fashion these days which not only adopted by the Scottish and Irish people but also people of other nations, especially the USA and Germany. This apparel is unique because wearing this apparel is not like wearing pants or trousers. The most important fabric in which the Scottish kilts are being made is tartan.

If you want to wear this apparel then you must wrap it around your waist like your wrap the measuring tape for your pant measurement. However, for kilt wearing, the front apron or plain part of the kilt must be placed on your front side while the area which has pleats must be at your backside. You can easily fasten these Scotland kilts with your kilt straps and buckles but if you have a utility-style kilt then you can fasten with your waistband buttons. These days makers like us make customized kilts for the customers so that they can wear more waist kilts easily.

Today form of the kilt is the modern form that was not available in the 16th century. At that time only tartan fabric was used to cover the whole body and that type of kilt known as the great kilt is still being used.

How To Make Kilts For Men

Who Can Wear Kilts?

Anyone can wear kilts because it is not only designed for specific nations say Scotland and Ireland. If you are non-Scottish and not familiar with the clans and tartans then you can also try this interesting apparel. Many Hollywood celebrities especially Vin diesel loves to wear Scotland kilts at Hollywood events so there is no restriction at all.

Although the kilt concept is specially used for men, it is true but now women also wear kilts. The women’s kilts are different in design and length than men’s kilts but these kilts are also made with the same fabric. These women’s kilts are short than traditional skirts by which women feel more comfortable wearing kilts instead of traditional skirts.

There is also no age restriction for the people who wear kilts. The kilt is for any age person. A young man, teenager, and an old person can also wear this comfortable Scottish apparel. According to the Scottish doctors, the tartan kilts are the best apparel for the old men instead of tight-fitting bottom wears.

Types Of Kilts

These days the Scottish kilts are made with too many fabrics not only just tartan or wool fabric. This interesting article does not only apply to the traditional style kilts but also to the utility kilts. The fabrics in which the Scottish kilts are made include denim, cotton, flannel, wool, tweed, leather, and Camouflage. Every fabric kilt is different in design than the others. Our company makes all types of kilts for our premium customers, you can select any kilt according to your choice and likeness.

Guide For Making Kilts

This is a complete and easy guide for making utility-style Scottish kilts. By following this guide you can able to make not only simple utility cotton kilts but also other modern design kilts such as Gothic kilts, hybrid kilts, tactical kilts and firefighter kilts.

Important Tools

  1. Cotton Fabric
  2. Measuring tape
  3. Iron
  4. Decorative buttons
  5. Pen & Notebook
  6. Pins For Pleating
  7. Scissors
  8. Thread
  9. Sewing Machine

How To Make Kilts For Men


Step 1

For making any type of kilt, you must have your own size. If you are making kilts for someone then his or her size is necessary for you. However, many people don’t know about their exact size, so this guide is for them. For making kilts, you should measure yourself first. Accurate measurement is helpful for wearing the exact size kilt.

For kilt measurement, the main important measurement is the waist measurement. It is not as same as measuring pants or jeans, so you must stand straight. You can use the mirror for this measurement. The measurement tape should be moved around your body waist for exact waist size but you must breathe normally. Write this measurement into your notebook.

The next step is hip measurement and it is only for those people who have wider buttocks. In this measurement, only a wider part of the buttocks should be measured with the measuring tape.

The kilt length measurement is the next measurement and this is the total length of the kilt. Normally the length of the kilt wearer is 24 inches but you must measure first. So, in this measurement, the tailor’s tape should be placed at the belly button and others on the knee cap. The starting and ending point is your kilt length.

Step 2

If you are making tartan kilts then you must select any tartan but if you are making cotton fabric then select your favorite color for kilt-making. After selecting the required fabric, you must cut the total length of the kilt. You must add extra four inches with total length. These extra 4 inches must be folded and sewn with the best quality sewing machine.

Step 3

After hemming the length, you must add 2 inches to the front apron and 2 inches on the backside for sewing.

Step 4

The pleating at the backside is fun, so for the backside, you can make 20-25 pleats. The depth of the pleat is 2 inches and each edge of the pleat must be properly stitched. After that, you must use the Iron for ironing the pleats.

Step 5

The waistband is important if you are making utility-style kilts. So, for the waistband, you must cut 1inch extra of the waist size. That one inch extra + waist size is your waistband. You must use the same sewing machine and thread to stitched the edges of the waistband.

Step 6

After that, users must attach 4-8 belt loops of 1inch long with your utility-style kilt. For making tartan kilt, 2 belt loops are enough.

Step 7

Pockets and buttons or studs are attached with the utility-style kilts but if you are making traditional tartan kilts then you must attach 2-3 leather straps and buckles with that tartan kilt.

Final Words

This is our easy guide on How To Make Kilts For Men and this guide is for everyone. If you like this helpful article then share with your social media friends and other family members.