How To Wrap A Great Kilt

How To Wrap A Great Kilt

About Great Kilt

This article is moving around great kilt or Feileadh Mòr. It is not a kilt at all, it is only an un-tailored woolen fabric. When this un-tailored fabric is wrapped around the body then it will be called a great kilt, not a fabric. This was the old style of a great which is still popular in many developed and non-developed countries. The woolen fabric is a tartan that has different colors to form a single color. There are too many tartans available till today, you may have more choices of tartans in which you want a great kilt. Nowadays, tartan, simple wool, and tweed are the popular fabrics used in many hand-made clothes not only in kilts.

How To Wrap A Great Kilt is interesting for those who are new in the great kilt. This Feileadh Mòr is the ancient dress of the Scotland and Ireland which is basically a large piece of tartan fabric. For making a great kilt, you must have your tartan. After choosing the best tartan, this full length fabric lay down on the floor.

The Scottish belt should also be laid down but beneath the fabric, not over the fabric. Now pleat the fabric from the center and leave the remaining parts plain. Lying on the pleat area wrap both plain area on your apron. Then fasten with your belt and stand up. The excess fabric is on the backside, move the one end over the left shoulder and other end pas from the right side to the left shoulder fabric and fasten with the pin. Therefore, this is the true way to wrap a great kilt.

How To Wrap A Great Kilt

History Of Great Kilt

The great kilt or Feileadh Mòr is not a new style of clothing. This was the traditional clothing dress that was used by the Highlanders during the war. This dress was treated as the uniform for the army men in the 16th century.  The farmers and poor people were worn this fabric on full-body to protect them from the cold climate.

Many people treated this fabric as a blanket. Furthermore, the people in Scotland and Ireland at that time, use the tartan fabric for making other valuable things. Up to the start of the 18th century, the woolen fabric was the primary material for making clothes in Scotland. In the middle of the 18th century, there was a shortage of animal wool and the government imposes restrictions on the use of tartan and plaids. Finally, this ban lasted for 40 years only, and again general public started using this fabric.

Later, short forms of the tartan kilts for sale were discovered and in the 20th century, the utility style tartan kilts were appreciated in many countries. Today’s form of the kilt is the advanced form that is not only wearable in these two nations i.e, Scotland and Ireland but also in other European countries such as Germany, Denmark, and Sweden.

Yards in Ancient Great Kilt

In the past, only a 9-yard fabric of tartan was used for making Feileadh Mòr. Whatever your age, height, and waist, you must wear a 9-yard fabric on your body. This 9-yard fabric was 30 inches but it was cut down into two equal pieces. The two Scottish tartan fabrics of the 4.5-yard would be used for making a great kilt. The two equal parts were stitched in such a way that the total width would be 60 inches, not 30 inches.

How Many Yards In A Great Kilt?

In the 21st century, for making a Scottish great kilt, there are different yards available. The 4-yard fabric will only be suitable for those kilt wearers whose waists are up to 34 inches. If your waist is above 34 inches but below then 44 inches then you should use 6-yard tartan fabric. However, the 8-yard fabric is suitable for those people whose waists are more than 44 inches. Now you know How Many Yards Are In A Great Kilt? so it varies from person to person.

How To Wrap A Great Kilt

How To Wrap A Great Kilt

We will explain in detail how to wrap a great kilt in the next paragraphs. There are basically three main steps which you must understand. Note down these steps in your notebook with the help of a pen.

Steps For Wrapping A Great Kilt

  • Pleating Great Kilt
  • Wrapping Great Kilt
  • Wearing the Great Kilt

Step 1- Pleating Great Kilt

  1. In this step, you must first lay down the full-length fabric on the ground or house floor.
  2. In this Great kilt, you must start pleating from the center of the woolen fabric,
  3. Make sure the left and right sides of the pleated fabric should be plain i.e, non-pleated.

Step 2- Wrapping Great Kilt

  1. For wrapping, you must lay down the Scottish Kilt belt beneath the woolen fabric.
  2. Now lay down yourself at the center pleated area of the fabric
  3. Wrap the left plain side on the right apron and right plain side on the left apron
  4. Now use the beneath leather belt for fastening

Part 3- Wearing the Great Kilt

  1. When you stand up the excess fabric automatically drop on the backside of your body but you should hold both ends of that excess fabric
  2. One end should be hanging over the left shoulder and the other one should move front the right side and join with the fabric of the left shoulder.
  3. For fastening both ends of the fabric with each other, you can use a metal brook or pin.