How To Wear A Kilt Belt

How To Wear A Kilt Belt

Many non-Scottish people wanted to know How To Wear A Kilt Belt. The wearing of the Scottish leather belt is almost same as wearing the casual leather belt but you need a buckle for fastening. The buckles and leather belt are two accessories, so a person who wanted to wear a scottish leather belt then he must have these accessories for fastening the kilt.

This Scottish belt has no small pores like in casual leather belt. Morevoer, the buckle also attached with the casual belt, you don’t need to buy seprate buckle for your leather belts.

The Scottish leather belt is bigger in size and always made according to the waist. So, the Scottish belt is custom made like Scottish kilts. A Scottish belt for a kilt wearer will never fit another person unless both have the same waist. Customization and design is also available in buckles.

How To Wear A Kilt Belt

How To Wear A Kilt Belt? Wearing a kilt belt is not very difficult as many people think. The kilt belt is the Scottish belt and buckle which is different in design and size than formal leather belts. These Scottish belts and buckles are only worn with Scottish attire. You cannot wear these belt buckles with your casual outfits such as pants and shirt, coat, and jeans.

Other leather belt buckles are suitable for many waist sizes and you can wear these casual belt buckles with any outfit which suits your personality. Men people wear them with their wedding suits. These casual leather belts and buckles are widely used in almost every country of the world. If we talk about Scottish belts then these belt buckles are limited to Scottish and Irish people. If you have a kilt (any type), you can fasten that kilt with your favorite Scottish leather belt and matching buckle.

Nowadays, there are too many varieties and designs of metal buckles available in the market. Our company also sells separate belts and buckles to our customers in beautiful designs. We have Celtic and Scottish design belts and buckles that are specially designed for the Scottish people. Well, we can say that the culture of Scotland is not limited to just Scottish kilts for sale. Other cultural dress and accessories are also popular these days.

How To Wear A Kilt Belt

Where To Wear Scottish Belts & Buckles

You can wear Scottish belts and buckles with any Scottish dress. Many people think that it will only be wearable with the complete Scottish attire which has a coat, Sporran, kilt pin, kilt, shirt, kilt jacket, flashes, and other highland accessories.

However, the belt and buckles are not only used for holding the bottom wear but also to increase your own personality. These are decorative accessories that you can wear with every kilt such as tartan kilt, hybrid kilt, printed kilt, flag kilt, Camouflage kilt, and leather kilt. You can wear any outfit involving a belt and buckle at any place i.e, weddings, parties, shopping malls, friend’s meetings, pubs, nights clubs, and universities. These accessories are the fashion these days which definitely increases your personality.

Kilt Accessories

Like belts and buckles, other Scottish accessories are also important to wear with the Scottish kilt. Some Scottish accessories with kilt are as follows.

  • Kilt jacket
  • Shirt
  • Sporran
  • Trews

Kilt jacket

The kilt jacket is the wedding accessory. This jacket has more buttons than casual jackets and increases your personality in front of a huge gathering of people. Nowadays, the kilt jacket is treated as a premium outfit and many Hollywood celebrities love to wear kilt jackets at different Hollywood events.

How To Wear A Kilt Belt


There are two types of shirts which you can wear with your traditional kilt. The Ghillie shirt is the primary Scottish shirt that you can wear with your kilt and you don’t need to wear beneath the kilt jacket. On the other hand, the casual shirt is widely wearable with the kilt jacket, and this casual shirt is treated as the best Scottish wedding outfit.


The Sporran in today’s life is as important as Scottish kilt. There are too many designs and varieties of Scottish Sporrans available these days and every Sporran is made with real fabric which increases the beauty of the kilt. It is the separate pocket for the tartan kilt which is helpful for every kilt wearer.


The trews or the tartan trews are the best alternatives to the Scottish kilt. If you don’t want to wear the kilt, then you can wear tartan trews. This trews has two side pockets and two back pockets. It also has unique premium metal buttons on the zip. Moreover, you can also wear trews at Scottish weddings.


In this article, we discuss detail about leather belts, buckles, and other accessories. If you like this interesting article then share it with your non-Scottish friends.