what Shoes To Wear With A Kilt

what Shoes To Wear With A Kilt

Important Accessories

We all talk about Scottish and Irish kilt every time, no one takes much importance in the Scottish accessories. The Scottish accessories not only make you a true  Scottish but it is the essential part of the outfit. A Scottish outfit is incomplete without the accessories. In a Scottish outfit, there are more than 5 things that must be included with the kilt. Our Euro kilt company not only make bespoke kilts but also other accessories. Our kilt jackets are also made according to the customer size. In Scotland and Ireland, these accessories are easily available within walking distance. You can buy these accessories at various kilt shops and shopping malls in these countries.

If you are not in Scotland or Ireland, then you can purchase from us online. Our company makes the finest quality bespoke Scottish products according to the quality standard.

What Are The Kilt Accessories

The kilt accessories are the complementary elements of the kilt. The major Scottish accessories are:

  • Scottish cap
  • Shirt
  • Kilt Jacket
  • Fly Plaid
  • Tartan Mask
  • Leather Belt
  • Buckle
  • Brooch
  • Kilt Pin
  • Sporran
  • Flashes
  • Hose
  • Sgian Dubh
  • Shoes

Scottish Shoes

In this article, we emphasize one of the premium Scottish accessories which are shoes. The shoes of the Scottish culture are not the same as casual leather shoes. The Scottish shoes are different in design and length. Furthermore, these Scottish shoes are not suitable for every Scottish event. You must have to wear a specific shoe for that specific event. There is no restriction on wearing casual shoes. The casual shoes are designed to wear with any outfit. You can wear casual leather shoes with jeans, dress pants, shorts, and trousers. Moreover, casual shoes are worldwide acceptable even in Scotland and Ireland. On the other hand, the Scottish shoes are only wearable in Scotland and Ireland or in Scottish events. We will talk more about Scottish shoes in the next paragraph.

what Shoes To Wear With A Kilt

Where To Wear Scottish Shoes

The Scottish shoes or boots are specially designed for Scottish ceremonies or where people are familiar with the Scottish shoes. You cannot wear these shoes in those places where people do not recognize this culture. However, there are too many varieties of Scottish shoes. Every Scottish shoe is designed for a particular place. 

If you have decided to go on mountaineering with your friends then high-heeled shoes would be the best choice. You cannot wear sneakers, brogues, leather boots, and other Scottish boots on that adventure journey.  Similarly, for Scottish Kilt weddings, there is a special shoe called brogue designed for these places. For casual places, you can wear oxford shoes and sneakers. Highland boots are big size but beautiful boots which are specially designed for the winter season. If you want to go somewhere in the cold weather then the Highland boots are suitable for you. You can wear any matching outfit with these Highland boots.

Where To Buy Kilt Shoes?

The Scottish kilt shoes are easily available in Scotland, Ireland, and other surrounding cities. If you are not in Scotland or Ireland then don’t need to worry. You can purchase these shoes by visiting kilt websites. There are many kilt websites that offer traditional and modern shoes for their customers. Our euro kilt store also makes high-quality leather Scottish shoes for our clients. You can buy the best bespoke kilt shoes from us at an affordable price.

What Are Piper Brogues

The piper brogues are the kind of brogues that are only worn by the bagpipers. As you know, the bagpipers always wear Scottish attire along with bagpipes, so the piper brogues are best for them. These are long shoes but a different design than Ghillie or day brogues. Like the other brogues, the piper brogues are also made with real leather fabric and are available in black and brown colors.

History Of The Brogues

In the 16th century, there was no clear concept of kilt and kilt accessories. The big size Highland shoes were worn by the Highlanders and general public at that time. They not only wear that shoes with the great kilt but also with other casual outfits. The brogues are the advanced form of that big Highland shoes.

what Shoes To Wear With A Kilt

What Shoes To Wear With A Kilt?

There are many types of Scottish shoes available which you can wear with your kilts for sale and whole Scottish outfit. We are going to discuss only a few types, so you can know the answer to that question what Shoes To Wear With A Kilt?

  • Brogues
  • Highland Boots
  • Leather Boots
  • Oxfords


It is the traditional Scottish shoes which are extremely popular in many European countries. A perfect wedding and meeting shoes for the Scottish and Irish. These shoes are cultural shoes which you cannot wear with other bottom wears. The brogues are made with real leather fabric and are available in two wearable colors i.e, brown and black. These shoes have further two broad categories.

Ghillie Brogues

The ghillie brogues are the wedding brogues that do not have a tongue. These are long shoes which have long laces. You can wear these brogues at various Scottish events.

Day Brogues

The day brogues are the casual Scottish shoes which you can wear in daily routine life with your kilt. These shoes have tongues but do not have longer laces like Ghillie brogues.

Highland Boots

The highland boots are bigger boots but are more attractive than other shoes. These boots also have premium quality studs which increase the beauty of the shoes. Moreover, you can wear these shoes in cold weather with any matching outfit. 

Leather Boots

These are the casual boots which you can wear in daily routine life and these are designed for everyone. Even if you are non-Scottish you can also wear it with your casual outfit.


These are semi-formal shoes which you can wear with your kilt jackets. These are also worn casually with other outfits.


By reading the above interesting article, you can now understand what Shoes To Wear With A Kilt. We also through the light on the types of shoes. If you like this article then share this shoe article with your Scottish friends.