What Is A Utility Kilt?

What Is A Utility Kilt?

A utility kilt is a kilt in which a kilt has all things like in a pant or trouser. Pockets, belt loops, buttons and studs are the basic elements in a modern utility kilt. A utility kilt is also comes in different designs and shapes. There are also further categories of utility kilts depends on the designed. The utility kilts are the modern design kilts which mostly love by the young people.

These are stylish and can wear at every type of event. Some utility kilts have straps and buckles like in traditional tartan kilts. Few of them are decorated metal d-rings, metal O shaped rings, zips, chains etc. These are the luxuries utility kilts which make you an eye catching personality in front of the huge gathering of crowds.  We are going to discuss some of the modern types of utility kilts.

What Is A Utility Kilt?

  1. Hybrid Utility Kilt
  2. Camouflage Kilt
  3. Gothic kilt
  4. Canvas Kilt
  5. Tactical Kilt

Hybrid Utility Kilt

The hybrid utility kilts are the two colored kilts in which there are two different or  same fabric is used. These kilts have buttons, studs, unique design, decorated pockets, metal hooks, d-rings and other metals to make these hybrid utility kilts attractive. These are one of the highest selling type of utility kilts.

Canvas kilt

Camouflage Kilt

Camouflage kilts are similar utility kilts but army or camouflage fabric is used for making camouflage kilts. These camouflage kilts are not only designed for the army men but also at formal and other events..

Gothic kilt

Gothic kilts are the advanced form of the utility kilts. It has all expensive metals involved for making this type of kilts. These are the eye-catching kilts which enhance your personality.

gothic kilt

Canvas Kilt

These are advanced form of Gothic kilts. In these kilts there are best quality straps, buckles, and everything involved to make a royal style kilt. These canvas kilts are worn at special events like weddings, parties etc.

Tactical Kilt

This is a tough duty kilt for the active and hard working person. The tactical duty kilts are comes in different colors but in a same design. A special fabric is used for making best quality tactical duty kilt.

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