What Are Tartan Kilts?

What Are Tartan Kilts?

Tartan kilts or simple traditional kilt are the kilts which is made with the tartan. These are the traditional and symbolic kilts for the people of the Scotland and Ireland but with the passage of times, the people of USA, Canada, Germany and other countries are also wear traditional kilts. The simple Traditional kilts are without pockets, buttons and belt loops. These simple tartan kilts are only wear with the help of straps and buckles. There are more than 100 different tartans according to their clans but some of them are universal tartans which can be worn by anyone.

What Are Tartan Kilts?

There are also tartan utility kilts. The tartan utility kilts are the modern form of the Celtic or traditional tartan kilt. These kilts come with all utility things such as belt loops, studs, buttons, decorated pockets etc. These advanced form of tartan kilts are easy to wear and fasten by using metal buttons.

Features Of The Tartan Utility Kilts

There are the following features of the tartan utility kilts which are given below

  1. Pockets
  2. Tartan Straps and rust-free buckles
  3. Tartan belt Loops
  4. Metal buttons
  5. Beautiful Studs

Storage Pockets

The pockets are the basic element of the tartan utility kilt. Storage pockets are the big difference between traditional tartan kilts and modern tartan kilts. Without pocket, you cannot keep your keys, mobiles, chargers and other small things.

Tartan Straps and rust-free buckles

For better fitting of a kilt, straps and buckles are used. It is the essential part in every tartan utility kilt. The buckles which are used in the tartan utility kilts are rust-free which enhance the life of the kilt.

Tartan Belt Loops

Belt loops are also important part in the tartan Scottish kilt. You can wear the belt by using these belt loops. In our company, we are adding wide belt loops, so customer can easily wear the wide belts.

Metal buttons And Studs

In every tartan utility Scottish kilt, there are some buttons and studs attached on the waist and pockets. These metals enhance the beauty of the tartan utility kilt.

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