How To Make A Kilt And What To Wear With A Kilt?

How To Make A Kilt And What To Wear With A Kilt?

Kilt making is an art. It is not easy as it looks but with a lot of practice you can make a perfect traditional tartan kilt. The following steps must be keep in mind in order to make a beautiful traditional Scottish tartan kilt.

How To Make A Tartan Kilt?

  1. Selection of Tartan
  2. Measurement
  3. Making The Pleat
  4. Ironing The Pleat
  5. Adding A Waistband
  6. Adding Straps And Buckles
  7. Wear And Enjoy


Selection of Tartan

Selection of tartan is very important. There are wide patterns and designs of tartan colors available. Every clan has a tartan and some are universal tartans such as black-watch tartan, royal Stewart tartan. So first you have to choose the tartan color.


Measurement is the important step for kilt making. First you have to measure yourself by using measuring tape. The kilt measurement is always be different as pant or trouser measurement. For perfect measurement stand erect and use measuring tape to measure your waist or where you want to measure the kilt.

In order to measure the length, you must wear from the waist area to the fall below the knee of the leg or where you want. You can take help from your friend or other family member for length measurement. After accurate kilt measurement, now you have to measure the quantity of the fabric according to your kilt measurement.

Making The Pleat

For pleat making, 2 inch deep pleat width is enough and for this purpose, fold the 1/2 inch upside and sew a hem and after that fold the 1/2 inch downside and sew a hem. Latest and fully equipped sewing machines are important for making a kilt.

How To Make A Kilt

Ironing The Pleat

Ironing the pleat is the next step and best electric iron is used. The deeper pleat make a tartan kilt or any kilt more beautiful.

Adding A Waistband

Waistband is important and for this purpose, you should cut a piece of matching material for the waistband. The material must be 5 inch wide or longer then the actual waist measurement.

Adding Straps And Buckles

Straps and buckles are compulsory in every traditional tartan kilt. No tartan kilt will be made without the straps and buckles. Now next step is to add straps and buckles in the tartan kilt.

Wear The Kilt

Wear this tartan kilt at formal and non formal event. Kilt making is a fun and it takes time for making a beautiful kilt.

What To Wear With A Kilt?

Now you all wanted to know what to wear with a kilt? You can wear any type of top such as coats, jackets, shirts and t-shirts. Many people love to wear this kilt with kilt jacket and ghillie shirt. It is of your choice. Most of the people also wants to know what to wear under the kilt. In the 16th to 20th century, the kilts were worn without underwear but now many people wear the kilts with underwear but the kilt is the only bottom-wear which provides complete freedom.

Make a kilt

Where To Buy A Kilt?

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