What Is Difference Between A Skirt And A Kilt?

What Is Difference Between A Skirt And A Kilt?

Kilt and skirt are both modern day fashion garments but there are confusion or misconceptions between these two terms Kilt and Skirt. Both are the bottom wears and both wear at the waist area and fall below the knee of the leg. The another similarity between both of them is that both not like a shot that is why both are wear easily. The skirt is for the ladies and it’s shape is only designed for the ladies but as compared to kilt, it is designed for men and it is different in shape and design than ordinary skirt.  Now a days, there are also beautiful Kilts for Sale the women. So, kilt is for men and women but a skirt is only for the men. Skirt is not belong to a Scottish culture and it is the dress which is wear in almost every country of the world but kilt is the bottom wear which represents the Scottish culture but it is now a popular dress in  USA, Canada and European countries. What Is Difference Between A Skirt And A Kilt?

What is Kilt?

A kilt is the Scottish Kilt and Irish tradition. The kilt is not like a shot or trouser. It provides freedom to walk everywhere. Some people loves to wear the kilt without underwear but it is up to you. The kilt has beautified with buttons, pockets, buckles, straps, studs, chains, belt loops and other things. The back side of the kilt is pleated deeply but the backside will not pleat in case of a skirt.

What is Skirt?

Skirt is a garment which covers the lower part of the body. It is designed for only girls. The skirt is made with leather, cotton and denim material. The two are the popular material in which skirt is made. It is straight at the front and backside unlike the kilt. It is wear in almost every country.

Key Differences

  1. Kilt is for men and women but skirt is only for the women.
  2. Kilt comes with many designs and types but skirt does not have much types and designs.
  3. The kilt has a lot of tartan colors and patterns, so there are a lot of choice for the kilt-wearer.
  4. Kilt has pockets, buttons and everything which  you can see in the pants or a trouser but skirt did not have these stuffs.
  5. The Back side of the kilt has nice and deep pleats but skirt does not has deep pleats.
  6. Skirt is the commonly used bottom-wear while kilt is designed for Scottish people or for those who loves to wear Scottish attire.
  7. With the kilt, you can add sporrans, flashes, socks and other accessories but there are no accessories with the skirt.